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Braun HD 730 2200W Black Näita suuremat

Braun HD 730 2200W Black

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Braun HD 730 2200W Black

Braun HD 730, Black, 2 m, 2200 W, 117 mm, 271 mm, 285 mm

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  • Designed for 100% damage-free drying: Satin Hair 7 Dryer
    Braun Satin Hair 7 Dryer with IONTEC is specially designed to store the shine and health of your hair when blow-drying.
    Braun Research was able to proof that excessive heat while drying leads to significant moisture loss within the hair, resulting in increased brittleness, dullness and unhealthy looks. Braun Satin Hair 7 Dryer is your reassurance for healthy styling as it operates with constant, accurate heat control and moisturizing feature.

    Sascha Breuer, Celebrity Hair Stylist: “Braun Satin Hair 7 Blow Dryer diffuses the heat in a controlled way to gently bring the hair into the basis of the shape you are aiming for. This even drying minimizes frizzy ends and allows you to control the direction your hair is blown in, building the movement into the style where you want it.”
    You can see and feel the difference as your hair will become shiny, glossy, smooth and healthy.

    Braun Satin Hair 7 Dryer: The five ultimate signs of healthiest blow-drying
    IONTEC Innovation
    As all Braun Satin Hair 7 appliances the Braun Satin Hair 7 Dryer features Braun’s breakthrough innovation IONTEC.
    IONTEC is a unique technology which is specifically designed to protect the health of your hair and is therefore your reassurance for healthy styling. The green ion jet releases millions of satin ions effectively onto your hair to attract moisture particles from the air while drying.
    The result is an impeccable radiant shiny style that reflects the health of your hair.

    Moisture level balance
    Satin ions envelop every singly hair and quickly restore the moisture balance of your hair that usually gets lost during styling with excessive heat.

    Anti-static drying
    Braun’s unique ion technology produces a rich stream of satin ions that envelop every single hair. This advanced ionic performance acts like a natural moisturizer during drying, taming frizz and static and leaving your hair gorgeously shiny and smooth.

    Anti hair damage
    The Satin Hair 7 Dryer dries your hair gently and provides optimum protection. Its unique Satin Protect™ system even allows you to cap the temperature at 70°C whilst keeping the same powerful airflow. This makes sure that your hair gets dried without getting fried. And the Ceramic Care module ensures even heat distribution without dangerous “hot spots”.

    Anti dry-out
    Satin Hair 7 Dryer with unique IONTEC was specifically designed to prevent dry-out and damage. It even improves the moisture level of your hair while drying compared to appliances without IONTEC.

    Anti hair breakage
    The ingenious mesh filter at the back of the Braun Satin Hair 7 Dryer helps avoid hair breakage. It protects your hair from being sucked into and tangled inside the appliance. This makes styling even easier – plus, you can conveniently remove the filter to clean the device.

    Braun Satin Hair 7 Dryer: Special features for perfect styling
    For precise styles
    The extra slim concentrator nozzle is specifically designed for precise drying and styling.

    Ideal for curly styles
    Scrunch drying is made even easier with the diffusor. It reduces the airflow to a soft waft so you can dry your hair gently which now means more well-defined curls and considerably less frizz. The concave arrangement of the volume fingers adapts to the shape of your head thus providing high styling comfort.

    Perfect finish
    The extra cold shot provides the perfect finish to set your style.

    Accurate heat and airflow control
    The Satin Hair 7 Dryer adapts to all hair types and styling needs featuring 3 accurate heat and 2 airflow settings which can be set separately. So even strong, powerful airflow at low temperature can be provided. Using 2.200 Watt even very long, thick hair is dried fast and powerfully to shiny smoothness.
    Cool shot functionY
    Ionic functionY
    Colour of productBlack
    Number of heating levels3
    Cord length2 m
    Power2200 W
    Width117 mm
    Depth271 mm
    Height285 mm
    Weight910 g
    Concentrator nozzleY
    Diffuser nozzleY
    • Diffuser nozzle Y


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    Braun HD 730 2200W Black

    Braun HD 730 2200W Black

    Braun HD 730 2200W Black

    Braun HD 730, Black, 2 m, 2200 W, 117 mm, 271 mm, 285 mm

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